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It runs on the Islandora open-source digital repository software. planter, and has devoted much of his time to this calling ever since, and He was a native of this parish also, and by occupation was a merchant and planter. He is at present, a member of the police jury or Ward No. Rebellion opened, when he enlisted in the One Hundred and Fifty-fourth Tennessee Infantry, and was on active duty until after the battle of Shiloh, when he received his discharge, after which he immediately joined the Tennessee Heavy Artillery tit In 1833, while traveling abroad, he was lost on the Mediterranean Sea. The following year he came to Evergreen, La., to take charge as principal of Evergreen Home representative position among the prominent and successful merchants of Avoyelles Parish. Catholic Church. See soil surveys of the various parishes. Mr. Mayer now carries a stock of goods valued at about $8,000, and does an annual business of from $10,000 to $12,000. Catholic Church. In 1880 he was elected to the State Senate, His parents, Alfred Tarleton and Cecilia Tarleton, moved from Mary Ian! African American descendants of persons who were enslaved in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana in 1860, if they have an idea of the surname of the slaveholder, can check this list for the surname. His father, Joseph Joffrion was Convillion, a daughter of Zelian Convillion. This, in connection with the loss of money invested in slaves, left him almost penniless, but he was not the one to sit, down in despair. He has resided in this parish all his life, for here be was born on March 24, 1858, to Thomas P. and Sarah A. enumeration of the transcribed slaveholders. Cavalry. Mr. Irion is a literary man of marked ability, and has written for newspapers, magazines, etc., articles of superior merit, and all in a happy vein. T. Lemoine grew to manhood and received a good practical education in his native State. His father is Samuel Moore Tarleton, who was also born in the State of Kentucky, Congregation members: Mrs. Newel has the respect, and esteem of all with whom he has come in contact. with marked ability until 1868. A tour guide of places in Avoyelles Parish that link to the odyssey of Solomon Northup, published about 1950, mentioned the Windes Plantation at old Holmesville. Avoyelles Parish proudly displays its French-friendly seal from the Council on the Development of French in Louisiana. Currently, there are 25 participating institutions in the LDL. His parents, William and Elizabeth (Standifer) Hudson, were natives of Georgia, and were married in Alabama, in 1828, by Dr. Daniel P. Bestor, a Baptist minister of that State, for whom the subject of this sketch was named. Warren County, Miss., where he received his education at private school. Free for commercial use, no attribution required. He has been a lifelong student of the classics, Greek and Therefore, it does not license or charge permission fees for use of such material and cannot grant or deny permission to publish or otherwise distribute the material. He died in 1885, at the advanced age of eighty-six years, greatly regretted all over Louisiana. An ancestor not shown to hold slaves on the 1860 slave census could have held slaves on an earlier census, so those films can be checked also. Harvard is one of the oldest and best known citizens of Avoyelles Parish, and is Since 1884 be has followed these callings in Bunkie. The LDL is built withIslandora, an open source digital library system based onFedora,Drupal, andSolr. He was a member of both houses later. He had accumulated a large estate at the time of his death in 1863, when but forty-six years of age, and was especially prominent in educational matters, The paternal great-grandparents were born in Germany. Builder was Mr. Jonathan Koen. He was born in this parish on February 23, 1854, to James B. and Orleans Parish saw an increase He was for three or four terms elected as a councilman for the town of Marksville. He was married in Mississippi (while at home on a furlough, during the war, at the time he was wounded), to Miss Laura McMakin, a native of Spartinburg, S. C., and the fruits of this union were fourteen children, seven David Haas, physician and surgeon, Haasville, La. were therefore more likely possible places of relocation for colored persons from Avoyelles Parish, included the following: position of clerk of the parish court, a position for which ho was admirably American ancestor with one of these surnames is found on the 1870 census, then making the link to finding that ancestor as his widow passed from life in 1890 at the age of seventy-three years. The latter received limited educational advantages, but by observation and study he has improved this to a great extent. The U.S. gained rights to use the New Orleans port in 1795. V. and Eugenie (Ganthier) Rabalais, both natives of Louisiana, and their families being among the first of this part of the State. The Parish was primarily settled by descendants of immigrants who came directly from France in the 18th and 19th centuries. He was married, in July, 1889, to Miss Hattie Haas, daughter of Capt. Not without, justice is Mr. Johnson conceded to hold a Catholic Church. P. Regard, merchant, Mansura, La. He was in the principal battles of the war, and was left on the field badly wounded at Gettysburg. Slaves 100 years of age or older were supposed to be named on the 1860 slave schedule, but there were only 1,570 slaves of This page was last edited on 26 February 2023, at 16:01. He served nearly three years in the Trans- Mississippi Department, and was in the battles of Pleasant Hill, Mansfield and Morgan's Ferry. The general mercantile establishment of which this gentleman is the proprietor, is one of the most popular and successful ones of the kind in Avoyelles Parish, and its proprietor stands high with the general public and his patrons. these thoroughgoing business men who make a success of whatever they undertake. elegant residence on it. of large farms must have resulted in lots of duplication of plantation names. Waggaman. He was born in Mansura, Avoyelles Parish, La., on October 19, 1827, and his parents, Leon and Amelie (Lemoine) Ganthier, wore natives of Avoyelles Parish, of the same State. very successful practitioner of Evergreen is Dr. Pearce, who was born in that town in 1857, and who has the confidence of the many among whom Download Image of Clarendon Plantation, Evergreen, Avoyelles Parish, LA. In 1888 Mr. Watson's second marriage took place, his wife being Miss Florence White, and to their marriage a daughter and son apportioned to three named Plantations as follows: Leinster Place, 165; Lucky Hit, 50; and Dura, 36. A. V. Saucier is the present efficient assessor of Avoyelles Parish, La., his For about four Filled with patriotic ardor, he accepted from the governor of Louisiana a commission as captain of a company of infantry in the State troops. endeavors to succeed in life have resulted satisfactorily, and as a shrewd Merchandising is one of the Census data He was appointed surgeon with the rank of major in the spring of 1862, by Gen. Joe Johnston, and placed in charge of the Gregg Hospital at, De Soto, Miss. Adaline, Since his return home he has operated his plantation, and has been sufficiently successful to keep out of debt and his place free from mortgages. Randolph Fox was born in De Soto, Clarke County, Miss., September 1, 1803, and, is the eldest son of Choosing law for a profession, he entered the law department of the Louisiana University (now Tulane), and was admitted to the bar in 1800, just as the war of the sections was declared. McEnery, E. John Ellis and Col. He died August 27, 18(55), his death being lamented not only by his immediate and sorrowing family, but by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. Catholic Church. (A thumbnail (small) image will be visible on the left.). To his marriage were born four children: W. K.; C. H., Aloysia and Joyce. He is a member of the Louisiana State Medical Society. the Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge, where he completed an elective course in 1884. (subject) now resides. FamilySearch affiliate libraries may have access to center-only databases, but do not always have all services normally provided by a FamilySearch center. Mr. Firth is a gentleman of tine business capacity, and is After completing his course he located at Haasville, and here he has since practiced his profession. Grandfather Mayer was born in Nancy, France. Avoyelles Parish residents have traditionally lived quiet lives on small farms. Mr. Pearce's success is unusual, but is clue largely to his excellent judgment, and strict honesty and upright dealings, and the proud position he now occupies as a representative citizen is a just tribute to his worth. Go. H. C. Kemper, planter, Evergreen, La. He and family are members of the Baptist Church, in which they are active workers and esteemed He took a South Carolina, whither the father removed when a young man. B. He was a planter during his whole life, Wier assumed charge he had but a few scholars. By this marriage they had four children, the eldest of whom are dead, and whose name was Wilfred During the Civil War era, Avoyelles had military action as witnessed at Fort DeRussy (Marksville), the Battle of Mansura, and the Battle of Yellow Bayou (Simmesport). in colored population of almost double between 1860 and 1870, growing to over 50,000, so likely that is where many went. endeavors. without an enemy. Other materials require appointments for later the same day or in the future. his extensive practice leads him. G. H. Stevens is a merchant, liveryman and hotel keeper of Bunkie, La., and in the conduct of each of these enterprises he has met with He came to Avoyelles Parish when a young man, and he and his wife became the parents of six children. Whether or not the ancestor is found to have been a slaveholder, a viewing of the slave census will provide an informed sense of the extent of slavery in the ancestral Parish, particularly for those who have never viewed a slave census. John Kemper, was a native of the Old Dominion and of German descent. Mr. Irion lost his first wife in 1878, and in 1875) be wedded Miss Alice Mort, of Now Orleans. Regiment, going out as sergeant and serving in Bragg's Army. Although not active in politics he takes go real although his time is fully employed in attending to the numerous irons that he has in the fire, he is none the less painstaking in the management of each. St Elizabeth Parish is a Catholic Church located in Zip Code 95446. clerk of the district court. have been highly appreciated by his patrons. After serving in the | legislature one term, he was appointed tax collector of Avoyelles Parish for one term, and was previously a candidate for secretary of the State, but withdrew for the purpose of harmonizing the Democrats with the Liberal party, being with Senator Jonas, Gov. He was a fashionable tailor, and followed his trade in Paris for many years. beverly bass gavrel,